One of the most infuriating experiences when driving is other drivers' abuse of the fast lane.

Let's take the time to spread awareness of fast lane abuse - a problem that affects countless people.

What is the fast lane? According to the dictionary, it is a lane on the highway allowing drivers to pass other drivers legally. It's not a campground.

THIS IS a campground.


People are permitted to camp here, not the fast lane. IN FACT, Washington State law forbids it.


The fast lane is used for passing. Check out this schwifty diagram.

Nice, huh?

When you have successfully and legally passed another car, at the next possible safe time to do so, move right. Otherwise, you may have another car trying to pass, but you're in their way.

Then they'll do this.

Olaf Speier

Nobody wants that.

Take what you've learned today and apply it to the real world! Respect other drivers that may be faster than you and avoid camping in the fast lane!


Spread the word, we need to stop this assault on innocent fast lanes state-wide!

Happy driving!