Road Rage is alive and well in the Tri-Cities as Pasco Police have a report of another incident. It gets crazy when you hear of stories like this...

Here are the crazy details as posted on the Pasco Police Department's Facebook Page.

Pasco Officers were dispatched to a road rage incident in the area of Road 76 & Burden Blvd at about 9:35 AM this morning. The victim stated that while at the stop sign at Road 76 & Burden Blvd, another vehicle began honking their horn at them from behind, and illegally passed them on the right. That vehicle then continued on Burden Blvd, and pulled off into a parking lot. When the victim passed this parking lot, the vehicle pulled out again and pulled up alongside them in the right lane, at Burden Blvd & Road 68. There was a verbal exchange, with the vehicle in the right lane yelling at the victim. The male driving the vehicle in the right lane then then pulled out a pellet gun, and fired 6 shots striking the passenger side of the victims vehicle before fleeing, south on Road 68.

Officers were on an unrelated traffic stop at an apartment complex on Road 68 and Chapel Hill, and spotted the suspect vehicle and suspect parked in an apartment complex. A high-risk vehicle stop was conducted and a male, Benjamin Showalter, DOB 8/18/77, was detained. After a positive identification by the victim, Showalter was placed under arrest and booked into Franklin County Jail on a charge of Simple Assault.

The pictures don't lie, look at those holes in that windshield's so crazy that folks get so worked up. I hope you never have to experience road rage as it isn't any fun, especially for this victim.

facebook/pasco police
facebook/pasco police

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