We're just a few months away from the general election and Kanye West is trying to get on as many states ballots as he can.

Each state has different requirements in how many signatures that it takes to get on the state-wide ballot and Kanye West has failed to get enough signatures or meet the deadlines in a lot of states.

One state that he's going to be on the ballot is in Idaho.

He did miss Montana's signature threshold by over 4,000 signatures but has managed to be on Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, and Vermont general election ballots but is facing several lawsuits with the legitimacy of those signatures.

Kanye has already been booted from the ballot in states like Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio.

He made the deadline and had the required amount of signatures to make the ballot for Idaho. Idaho is a state that requires 1,000 signatures to put your name on the election ballot and Kanye will appear on the ballot.

It seems crazy but I remember a time when Gary Coleman (Arnold from Different Strokes) was on the ballot for Governor of California and Jesse Ventura held the office of Governor in the state of Minnesota after beating both Republican and Democrat candidates back in 1998.

I don't think Kanye has a chance but stranger things have happened in 2020.

You can check out more details on Kanye's run for President here.

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