The Thompson Hill proposed hotel and condo development project in Kennewick has hit a roadblock.

The Kennewick Planning Commission has voted to stop a developer from developing a hotel and condo project up on Thompson Hill in Kennewick.

The proposal will now go to the Kennewick City Council for a final decision.

Jose Chavallo is a developer who lives on the hill and envisions a place where one can enjoy the beautiful views the hill has to offer.

Residents on the hills are adamant that the project to build a hotel and condos is rejected because it would change the character of the neighborhood.

A lot of residents say that the proposed hotel/condo could create an eyesore for years to come and Thompson Hills would lose its landmark charm.

The Kennewick City Council will have the final say and no date on that decision has been set. You can read more details about the proposed development here.

I'm one of those lucky people who got to use the Thompson Hill venue for my wedding back in 2011 and the views were amazing. I'm not sure how this story will develop but having been on the hill before, I'd like to see it stay intact. It really is a special place so I hope they get the situation figured out.

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