A recall effort looks like it was successful to recall embattled Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher but the real question is what happens next?

I've never been through a recall before and it got me curious about what the next steps are when you replace a county official.

What Happens Next In The Benton County Sheriff's Recall?

First, the votes have to be certified by the county auditor Brenda Chilton, and then once that happens, the Sheriff will have to vacate his office.

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At this writing, early results show that voters have voted overwhelmingly to oust the sheriff.

What Were The Vote Counts For And Against Sheriff Jerry Hatcher?

The current totals show 21,740 votes to recall the sheriff with 7,140 votes to retain the sheriff.

What Were The Charges Against Sheriff Jerry Hatcher?

Sheriff Hatcher was under scrutiny with several accusations including:

1. Performance of duty in an improper manner;

2. Commission of illegal acts; and

3. Violation of the Oath of Office

What Is The Next Step In The Recall Now That Hatcher Has Been Recalled?

The votes still have to be certified but once that happens, it sets in motion the next steps in the process.

Once the votes are certified, Hatcher will have to leave office on the day of the certification.

It will leave the Sheriff's office vacant but according to the law, a successor still needs to be put in place.

That duty will fall on the Benton County Republican Party to submit a list of qualified candidates for consideration to the Benton County Commissioners.

The Commissioners in turn will appoint a new Sheriff that serves out the rest of Hatcher's term.

Hatcher was voted in 2017 and still has about a year and a half to go in his term as Sheriff.

I guess we'll have to wait to see who the next Sheriff is once the Commissioners get their list and makes a decision from all of the candidates.

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