School is back in session and the Pasco PD wants you to know why the speed limit is 20 mph in school zones and they want to remind you to slow down and watch for children!

school zone

School zones are back with that annoying yellow flashing light. But do you know why school zones are set at 20MPH? It comes down to two subjects most people may not have loved, ironically; math and physics.

At 30MPH it takes the normal person 106 feet to stop, after they see a hazard. At 20MPH that drops to 62 feet. Your risk of injury also drops, from a 40% chance of serious injuries at 30MPH to 10-15% at 20MPH.

So do everyone a favor. Leave a little earlier. Enjoy the scenery on the drive. And, watch out for all of the kids going back to school and those flashing lights.

We will have Officers out on extra school zone patrols over the next two weeks. In case you need more incentive, tickets for 5MPH over start at $217 and cannot be reduced in court.

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