This story caught my attention not only because of the photo that the actual scam itself and just how brazen it actually the full story

From Pasco Police Department's Facebook Page

CONVENIENCE STORE SCAM: Officer Travis Park would like to ID and speak with the depicted female about an interesting case from Saturday afternoon.

It started at a convenience store near 20th/ Court, where the lone clerk was called by a male who claimed to be "David" from the corporate headquarters. He told her that as a result of an investigation into internal theft, he was sending a representative to her store to collect the till cash and unsold lottery tickets from her. He supplied details about the store's operation, and he supplied a code that the representative would verify upon arrival.

The representative arrived at about noon, supplied the code, and received the cash and tickets in a bank bag. The clerk was told that the police would be arriving in about 20 minutes to take over the investigation. The clerk described the representative as a blonde white female about 25, 5-03, 150 lbs. She avoided on-camera areas.

When the police did not arrive, the clerk called her manager, who came right down and called the police about the scam. The store reported losing several hundreds of dollars and lottery tickets.

We found out two days later that the depicted female was arriving at a convenience store on Road 68 within an hour of the first scam, attempting to run three of the stolen lottery tickets through the scanner. That second store was able to supply the attached photo of a female, who is consistent with the first description.

Anyone with info about the female's identity or other info about this case is urged to call Dispatch at (509)6280333 or email Officer Park at about case 20-03265 Fraud.

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