In this day of the COVID pandemic, because we don't have enough stress already, you'd like to think that if someone found your wallet, they'd take the necessary means to return it, right?

Not in this case.  Pasco Police are hoping you'll do the right thing, in identifying the shown suspect.  Take a closer look.  Do you recognize the shirt the suspect is wearing?

According to the Pasco Police Facebook page:

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. That’s pretty cynical, but as far as we can tell, we have a victim of credit card fraud because she went to a recycle station at Court/ Road 64 on Thursday to unload cardboard for recycling, but she probably knocked her purse out onto the ground at the same time. The depicted suspect was using her credit cards by Friday at Circle-K and Yokes on Road 68. The photo is not great, but his mask basically covered the rest of his face, anyway. If we get better images from other locations, we will put them up.

Anyone with info about this case is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Travis Park about case 20-19817 Fraud.

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