The Pasco Police Department recently recovered a "Tour De France" high end bike due to some sharp eyes.

Sergeant Bill Parramore's eagle eyes spotted some peculiar behavior that led to the arrest of the suspect.

Pasco's Police Department's Facebook tells the tale --------> Pasco Police

Last Friday afternoon, 072117 at about 8:30 PM, Sergeant Bill Parramore was patrolling around near 14th/ Henry when he saw a male riding this bike. Sergeant Parramore will be modest, but he is a bit of a roadie. He saw that the male was dressed in street clothes and street shoes, no helmet, more consistent with riding an upright comfort bike. In particular, he noticed that the male was pedaling on the small metal pedals designed to click onto metal cleats built into the soles of specialized biking shoes.


This behavior is similar to seeing someone in a low-slung luxury car driving it off-road, catching air on dirt jumps. Treating a high-end piece of equipment with such indifference is a clue that the operator may not be the owner.


Sergeant Parramore asked another officer to keep an eye on the bicyclist as he continued pedaling down the street, while Sergeant Parramore checked for recent Cervelo bike thefts. He quickly located a West Richland burglary from ten days earlier, case WR17-02689 Burglary, where a corresponding Cervelo P2 was stolen from a garage. He got on the phone with the burglary victim.


The burglary victim was quickly able to positively identify his bike due to several aftermarket items he had installed on it.


The bicyclist was stopped. He offered different explanations for having the bike but follow-up by Sergeant Parramore and Officer Jason Griffin caused them to conclude that he was not credible.


The bicyclist was identified as Dustin Edward Kuykendall, DOB 082078 of Pasco. He was booked into Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for Possession of Stolen Property First Degree.


The bicycle was taken to the Pasco PD and housed there until it could be returned to its owner.

West Richland PD was notified of the developments and will be following up on their burglary investigation.

Great Job Pasco Police, that's some sharp eagle eyes and again it's crazy on what criminals steal and think they can get away with a bike that is obviously tricked out.

Dave Allen
Dave Allen



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