The most recent information published on the Pasco School District website indicates as of September 16, the Benton Franklin Health District recommended the PSD be "ready" as early as October 15 for what they call "blended" learning.

We don't have concrete plan details, but it's presumed it's similar to Kennewick and Finley's A-B hybrid approach.  Students divided into A and B, each go in class two days, home 3.

But with the abrupt change in Kennewick Wednesday night, it's wondered by many if a similar event will occur across the river.

Kennewick was supposed to begin their hybrid approach Oct. 12 but the School Board (some say) mystified many by pushing those dates back, and staggering their return.

Kennewick will now bring back special education and IEP students 10-12,  K-5 Oct. 19, and Middle and HS students Nov. 2.  Some indications are the BFHD was actually leaning a bit towards suggesting they try the original plan. All indications are they were OK with that approach. However, the board chose to delay...again.

Finley will begin it's staggered return next Monday, with HS students coming back by Nov. 2.

Now we will be watching to see what Pasco does. Will they go October 15th, or will an "October surprise" occur like in Kennewick?

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