According to news sources, the Pasco man who dresses up as Spiderman as part of his motivational presentations, and for birthday parties, is "excited about moving forward" with his life after charges were dropped.

According to KVEW-TV (, 41-year-old Alexander Siharth was cleared of any and all child rape charges, which were filed last year.

In May of 2016, Siharth, who has performed at birthday parties for about 15 years in a Spiderman costume, was arrested. The niece of one of his martial arts students (he teaches classes), a 7-year-old, told her parents a man named Alex touched her private parts in 2014 when she was taken to the ER for a visit.

His family wrote and affidavit saying he was in Seattle with his mother at the time of the allegations. Siharth spent three weeks in jail over the accusations, says he was kicked out of his church, and faced assaults from other inmates when they learned what he was being accused of.

According to KVEW-TV, he is now working to try to restore his name and reputation.


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