You know how it is. I've been there, too. You see a project that you know you can accomplish, then you have a couple of beers and suddenly you don't feel like conquering that project. Maybe it was more than they could handle after all.

At any rate, a couple of beers brought clarity to the situation. Or maybe in this case it was drugs or whatever.

Pasco thieves broke into a fenced compound near King City off Highway 395 on Sunday morning and stole several items that were set for repair. One of those was a black Dodge Ram pickup. I think the thieves probably thought it would be a nice project to fix the truck and repaint it and get away scot-free. But then, reality must have set in. So they decided to bring the truck down by the river and set it on fire, probably to get rid of fingerprint evidence. Such a waste of a truck, just as these thieves are a waste of human skin.

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