Four Pendleton City Councilors joined their co-horts in unanimously approving an ordinance that would let a public vote decide if marijuana can be sold in city limits. But they did it in style... or at least with a fashion statement.

In a Nov. 19 editorial the East Oregonian called the four "The Fearsome Foursome" because they blocked the referendum.
But before the Dec. 2 vote the four said they were in favor of the motion, but voted no previously to slow down the process to make sure it was worded properly.

One of three residents who attended the meeting to voice their opinion during the public comment period said the t-shirts were an "illustration" of the split in the city council reflecting the split in Pendleton over whether people should be allowed to choose their own behavior or whether government should decide what is right and wrong.

At least one of the t-shirt wearing councilmembers say they voted for the referendum but still felt even considering allowing marijuana sales in Pendleton was sending a confusing message to young people (who are told to refrain from the drug).

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