Anyone who knows me knows that I love Pickles.

As Monday is National Pickle Day, it's only appropriate to write about pickles.

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Sure, we have the majors. Claussen, Vlasic, Mt. Olive, and Nalley. Did you know that Mt. Olive is the largest independent pickle company in the nation?

Are there any pickles produced in the Pacific Northwest?

I did a quick Google search of pickles in the PNW and discovered that there are a couple of places producing and packing pickles here.

In Washington, there's the Seattle Pickle Co.

if you're a dill pickle fan, this could be your jam! They have dill and spicy dill pickles. Not only pickles, but pickled beans, beets, relish, and bloody mary mix. You can also find tee shirts and hoodies.

Seattle Pickle Co. Facebook
Seattle Pickle Co. Facebook

From the sweet briny-saltiness of the Pacific Ocean in the Puget Sound to the fertile land that supports the many farms in the surrounding region, we are "combining & bringing" the freshest ingredients to create that unique taste you can only find in the Pacific Northwest.

In Oregon, there's Unbound Pickling in Portland.

At Unbound Pickling, they offer dill, and bread and butter, and bacon pickles. You can also get pickled beans and cherries.

Unbound Pickling Facebook
Unbound Pickling Facebook

Our goal since day one has been to marry the harvest of the Pacific Northwest with the art of pickling that has been handed down from generation to generation. Our mission is to create the perfect pickle; using seasonal vegetables and herbs to create small batched pickled goodness from our home in Portland, Oregon.

Where can you find these PNW-produced pickles?

You can find Seattle Pickle Co. products at various Washington farmers markets, Pike Place Market, Safeway, and Albertsons locations. Unbound Pickling products are at Fred Meyer and Safeway stores. Of course, you can always order online, as well.

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