I finally got one of my gals out & about!  If you don't know me, I should tell you that I have a big heart for cats.

I have two rescue kitties.  One is named Koko.  The other is Peaches, or Pickles.  Her name was Patches.  We haven't yet figured out what her name will be just yet.  She's a biter.  Peaches/Pickles is shown below.


In any case, it's my hope to get these cats acclimated to the outdoors.  What if they get out?  Both of them are afraid of everything.  Peaches is very fearful, her normal world is under the bed, still.  I coax her out with a shake of the treat bag.  They do seem to know what that sound means, don't they?

So, I got a kitty carriage.  Ok, a pet carriage.  Koko, who was here first, thus, the "Mama", so to speak, is my first subject.

I took her out today, and by the photos, it looks like she approves.  I would be scared if she escaped.  Thank goodness, she can't.  It's a secure enclosure.

Both are indoor cats,.  Although both are chipped, I want them to be able to handle to outdoors, should they ever get out.  So, I've been taking Koko out on walks.

I hope to see you on future walks with Koko, & eventually, Peaches, or Pickles, or whatever her name will be.  I think we may stick with Peaches.  That’s really what she answers to.

Do you have any tips?  I'd love to hear.  My husband, Jeff, says that I am a crazy cat lady.  I just want my ladies to be ok, if they ever did find themselves lost.  I feel I am doing the right thing.  If you have words of encouragement, I'd love to hear from you.  Please reach out to:  patti.banner@townsquaremedia.com.

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