Ever since I saw a Youtube video of a Japanese chef preparing Wagyu beef for a customer (below), I wanted to try it and see if it's worth the $$$. You've probably seen Wagyu for sale at Costco and everyone knows it's not cheap. The really good stuff (there are different rankings and grades based on marbling) can cost upwards of $200 per lb.

I was shopping in Yoke's/West Richland yesterday and happened upon American Wagyu fillet mignon steaks for sale at $22.99/lb. The label said the beef was from Snake River Farms in  Boise. The most expensive steak I've ever purchased was a regular filet at about $18.99/lb. and that's about my limit.

So I raced home with my first Wagyu steaks and couldn't wait to throw them on the grill. No major seasonings other than S&P because I don't want to mess with high-dollar flavor. I grilled one for me and one for my bride plus a cheapy steak for the pupper.

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. We were not impressed. It was like eating a low-end filet. The cheapy steak I cooked for the pup was probably better LOL. Did we just get a couple of bad ones? I don't know, and this is not to say that I wouldn't try it again or buy another steak from that particular farm, but this was not at all what I expected. Next time I feel like spending more than usual on a steak, I'll just get the regular filet or a nice porterhouse.

Steve Woods/TSM

My wife's steak is pictured above, which is the steak on the right in the grill photo at top of page. It looks pretty darn good (if you like it rare) and several bites were good she said, but there were tough and chewy parts. It just wasn't as good as a regular filet.  Below is what was inedible on my steak, which is the steak on the left in the grill photo at top.

Steve Woods/TSM

I know that the cut of meat in the video below is different than what I purchased, so maybe my expectations were high, but at $22.99/lb, I still don't think it was worth it.



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