If you walk or hike the Zintel Canyon area trail please avoid the area fro the time being due to a fire on Monday that scorched 5+ acres. here's what the official press release said:

The Zintel Canyon Nature Trail in Kennewick is currently closed due to a fire in the canyon.  Approximately 5 acres of the canyon south of 15th Avenue are affected by the fire.  Although the fire is contained, it is important that citizens do not enter the canyon during this closure for public safety and the safety of emergency response personnel.  The cause of the fire is not known at this time.


The Zintel Canyon trailhead is located at the southwest corner of W. 7th Ave. and S. Vancouver St.  Signs and barricades will be posted regarding the closure and further updates will be provided.


The public is reminded about the importance of fire safety and to take extra caution with the hot and dry weather conditions.

No word on when the trail will reopen.

A few weeks ago I went on a hike and stumbled upon a herd of goats in the canyon for vegetation control check out my video..