Close to 1,700 prison inmates at Coyote Ridge Correction Center have ended their food strike thanks to the incredible edible egg....

Organic Food Production Reaches Record Level
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The prisoners went on strike because of the 'Breakfast Boat' that was being served to them only contained these items: a muffin, breakfast bar, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a packet of oatmeal or cereal and packet of dried milk.

Prison advocates have said that for many years the prisons have been serving sub standard and unhealthy meals to prisoners.

The prison has compromised and is adding a hard boiled egg to the Breakfast Boat which is served to the prisoners at dinner time to hold them over until lunch is served the following day..

According to an article in the Tri-City Herald:

At its peak, nearly 1,700 of the 2,065 prisoners housed at the state prison in Franklin County declined prison-served meals because they had complaints about food quality and other jail conditions.

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