• State Highway 12 Accident Single Car Accident Had One Fatality
  • Naches Fire Department Employed A Drone Down The Embankment
  • A Small Puppy Was Found Halfway Down The Crash Site 

Sad news coming from a one-car fatality accident on Highway 12 near White Pass but one bright spot as a puppy was rescued on the scene alive from the wreckage.

credit: naches fire department
credit: naches fire department

According to our news partner KNDU, 51-year-old Michael Swett from Sikeston, MO was killed in the crash. Swett reportedly hit a snowbank and then continued over the embankment. The cause of the crash is under investigation by the WSP.

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credit: naches fire department
credit: naches fire department
The Naches Fire Department flew a drone down over the wreckage site once the weather cleared and guess what they found? A little black and white puppy was found in the wreckage along with Swett's body.
Swett's car had tumbled 200 feet making it difficult for first responders to retrieve Swett's body but miraculously, the puppy was found halfway down to the crash site and quickly brought back up to the highway for care.
The puppy and body were brought up to the highway and the body was released to the Yakima County Coroner, the puppy is currently being cared for by one of the Naches Fire Department's paid on-call members.
A sad story with a somewhat happy ending for the puppy. Who knows what would've happened to the poor little puppy if not for the actions of all of the quick first responders on the scene?

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