It's bad enough to be clocked well over 100 MPH on the Interstate, but in town? Even worse.

This has to be the largest speeding infraction that we can recall in some time. Late Monday evening, a Kennewick Officer on Patrol on West Canal Drive noticed a vehicle headed towards him at what appeared to be an alarming rate of speed.

The officer flipped on his radar gun and clocked the driver at 126 MPH! The officer lit up his flashers and siren, and prepared to turn around, and the car accelerated and raced out of sight.

Due to the vehicle's speed, and the officer having to slow down and turn around, the car car away.

However, the vehicle was later located, but it was abandoned and badly damaged, having hit the curb. It was towed for evidence, and a 17-year-old juvenile was located as the driver.

He's now in the Benton County Juvenile Justice Center for Attempting to Elude Police. Pretty sure more charges could be coming as well.

By the way, the posted speed limits on this stretch of Canal is 40 MPH, and there are homes along the south side of the street!

He was spotted near this intersection, where it's 35.

Canal and Vancouver, where speeder was going 126. (google street view)