Courtesy of Richland Police department
Courtesy of Richland Police department


If your commute takes you through the popular Richland intersection of Keene Road and Duportail Street, beware, MONDAY morning. (1/25)

Google Maps
Google Maps

The intersection will operate as a 4-way stop so crews can install a permanent traffic signal.

Pack your patience, as work is scheduled to begin at 8:30 am. You can expect traffic delays. You may want to use alternate routes.

Crews are hoping to have the permanent traffic signal installation finished by early afternoon.

There's nothing worse than running late, (I always am) and coming upon an unexpected delay due to a 4-way stop, or traffic lights out. It always slows the traffic flow.

This subject also got me wondering. There are other streets that could use traffic signal lights. I know on some of the more traveled streets, sometimes making that left turn just getting into a business seems to take all day! And, I wonder how many accidents happen making the dreaded left turn.

So, consider this your warning. Plan for the delay, or plan to avoid the area and use an alternate route.

Good luck. Remember, patience.

Monday morning, avoid the Richland intersection of Keene Road and Duportail Street.

What streets do you travel in need of traffic signal lights? Let us know your recommendations on our app below.

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