Richland Police are warning folks that clicking on a text concerning your concealed carry permit is a scam!

A text is circulating that today is the last day in which you can get a concealed weapons permit and according to the Richland Police Department, that is absolutely not correct.

credit: richland police department
credit: richland police department

You can actually get a permit year-round but the scammer is looking to get your personal information.

RPD is warning against clicking on the link as the scammers are phishing for your information so don't click on the link.

Here is the posting from the Richland Police Department's page:

The text shown is incorrect. Today is not the last day to obtain your concealed carry permit. In fact, there is no deadline and the text appears to a phishing scam.

For more information on applying for your CPL, you can visit:

It's just a heads-up that scamming is everywhere this holiday season but if you are ever in doubt, contact the Richland Police Department for clarification.

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