Ah, the joys of apartment living can knock some people into insanity.  An unsettling incident happened in Richland over the weekend.  Someone was very angry and took it out on the neighbor.

Early Sunday morning, the Richland Police Department was called out to a report of loud yelling and banging.  Neighbors reported a male with an axe and hammer threatening to kill someone on the third floor of an apartment complex on Queensgate.

Upon arrival, just after midnight, officers found that a 34-year old neighbor had chopped down the victim's door.  The victim had armed himself and kept the suspect from entering the apartment unit.

The suspect was taken to jail for Attempted Residential Burglary and Harassment.

What?  I'm sorry.  Why isn't there at the very least an assault charge?  I would think that with the axe and hammer used as tools to chop down the victim's door, that maybe they're also considered weapons.  And, didn't the suspect threaten to kill the victim?

It'll be interesting to hear how this plays out.  I hope the victim takes out a restraining order on the suspect.  And, I'm guessing the suspect won't be returning to the apartment complex for a very long time, if ever.

I'm sure some sort of action will be taken against the suspect by the apartment complex due to the damage that was caused by chopping down the door.

I lived on the bottom floor of a complex for many years.  In that time, there were several noisy neighbors.  Sometimes, it was challenging.  My patience was tested many times.  I never once got so angry to even think of confronting a noisy neighbor.

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