Adventures Underground in Richland has been one of my favorite stores since moving to the Tri-Cities in 2007.

I discovered the store on my hunt for a bookstore and now I've been a monthly customer for years.

Charly has been at the store for as long as I can remember. He's an Irish Wolfhound and when you'd go to the store, he'd be there to great you. He had his own chair that he'd climb into and it sat at the center of the store.

A few weeks ago I was in and noticed the chair was missing and sadly learned over the weekend that Charly had passed.

Charly's owner Logan posted a wonderful letter on the Adventures Facebook page and for a lot of us Charly fans, it's a sad day.

There is going to be a celebration of Charly's life at the store in the future and you can see the letter and love outpouring for this Richland Icon at the Adventures Facebook page.

I'll miss Charly and his chair but luckily I'll still have my wonderful memories of him but it does change my shopping experience at Adventures, but only because he's not there.

RIP Charly

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