Road Rage is a dangerous deal and when guns are involved, it can be deadly.

A Pasco man is shaken after a road rage incident Friday night. The victim reported a case of road rage is what led to another male shooting a hole into the side of his vehicle.

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Pasco Police are searching for the male driver of a black or gray Audi, accused of shooting the victim's white Acura. The incident began around 8:30 pm. Both cars were traveling northbound on Highway 395 at Foster Wells Road, where the shooting took place.

According to the victim's report, there was an earlier roadway dispute that occurred on Southbound 20th Avenue going toward Sylvester. According to the victim, the driver of the Audi accused the Acura driver of almost hitting him.

As the Acura driver continued on, the Audi was in pursuit. Both vehicles were southbound on 20th and then went East on Lewis. The Acura driver told police he saw the Audi driver point a pistol at 10th and Lewis.

Both vehicles continued to Northbound Oregon and then on to Foster Wells, where a shot was fired into the Acura.

The Audi took off East on Foster Wells, while the Acura made a U-turn, returning to Pasco.

The Audi driver is described as a Hispanic male, sporting a buzz-cut in his 20's with facial hair. There was a female passenger in the Audi.

If you witnessed any of this, or have any information, please contact the Pasco Police department at 509-628-0333.

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