Grant Scantling appeared in Benton County court Thursday pleading "not guilty" to aggravated murder and first degree burglary.

Officers responded to a shooting March 22 at 520 E 8th Place, apartment A.

The 911 call came from inside the home of Ann Marie Krebs and her three children.

Upon arrival, police found a 21-year-old Franklin Scott Evans Palmer dead from a gunshot wound. Palmer was a friend of Krebs and had been living in her home for the last two months.

Palmer was witness to the shooting and has testified that the shooter was Scantling. Scantling was Krebs’ ex-fiancé and father to two of her children.

Officers found Scantling in Spokane later that night where a standoff occurred. Scantling eventually surrendered willingly.

Another hearing is scheduled next Wednesday.

Scantling is in the Benton County jail on $1 million bail. His trial is set for May 13.

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