Young boys ages 3 and 7 were nearly kidnapped yesterday in Pasco. Thank goodness their alert uncle was paying attention and rescued them just in the nick of time.

52-year-old Jose Lopez-Gonzalez is under arrest for suspicion of kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, and luring.

Lopez-Gonzalez had coaxed the two young boys into his vehicle parked near 630 Cedar Ave. in Pasco under the rouse that he would buy them toys and candy at Walmart.

As the uncle frantically searched for the boys he approached the blue Buick parked at the end of the street where Lopez-Gonzalez was allegedly ordering the boys to hide in the back seat. The uncle and his friend were able to safely retrieve the boys from the vehicle and call police.

According to police reports and a news story from KEPR:

Jose Lopez-Gonzalez said he came to the area to pick up his wife and kids and saw the two boys riding bikes, according to court documents. Gonzalez claimed he was just joking with the boys about buying their bikes and getting them some toys, according to court documents. Police later found... Gonzalez's wife and son do not live in the area and neither does he.

The boys are so lucky that their uncle was paying attention! How scary!

***PARENTS This is a great time to have the talk with your kids about STRANGER DANGER***

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