The threat of a nuclear attack is always with us, and fear continues to grow.

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The United States was the first country to develop atomic weapons during World War II. The Manhattan Project was a top-secret research project that developed the atomic bomb. Julius Robert Oppenheimer was known as the "father of the atomic bomb." The US is the only country to have used nuclear weapons in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A nuclear explosion creating a mushroom cloud. Mixed media illustration.

The Daily Mail recently published a list of the most at-risk cities during a nuclear attack. One of the cities most at risk is in Washington. Seattle is #7 on the list.

Why are these cities considered the most at risk?


The listed cities are likely targeted "due to population density, lair distance to a strategic military facility, emergency preparedness, and ease of evacuation." The immediate destruction of cities by nuclear blasts is frightening. When you think about it, would you know what to do during a nuclear attack?


According to FEMA:

Get inside a building and stay away from windows.
Stay inside for 24-hours unless authorities provide other instruction.
Stay tuned to media available for official information.

For more information, download the FEMA app in the app store or in Google Play.

15 Cities Most Likely Targeted During a Nuclear Attack

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