One of the things we celebrate in the spring time is birth. Few things are as beautiful as a growing baby bump signaling the growth of a new person. We'd like you to share your baby bump with us by taking a picture and sending it to us. But to make the image more special, we'd like you to first write a message or paint a picture on your bump for your baby.

Tell your baby you love him or her, maybe make a promise, or perhaps share some advice. After drawing your message or work of art take the picture and upload it below.

We'll pick a random entry on April 6 to receive our prize -- a giant gift basket for an expecting mother from Arbor Healthcare for Women.

Thomas Pompernigg

Ready to hear something funny? Some women enjoy showing off art on their bump so much they're selling ad space! If taking a picture is not enough to memorialize your pregnancy, some women make a cast of their bump. Here's how.




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