Roads were slick Monday morning as snow began to fall Sunday evening into Monday. When I hear the word snow, I am instantly on alert for icy road conditions. I automatically check the local forecast.

Waking up Monday morning, I knew the commute was going to be an event. Local law enforcement encountered many collisions. It seems many folks were driving too fast for conditions. Imagine that.

Courtesy of Benton County Sheriff's office.
Courtesy of Benton County Sheriff's office.

The Benton County Roads Department and others were sanding and clearing roads as best they could. They remind us to always slow down and to give yourself plenty of extra time to get to your destination safely. And, allow lots of distance between you and other vehicles.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Thorson tweeted a message for early morning commuters, which is excellent to follow anytime we have snow on our vehicles.

Having grown up in Minnesota, I DO know a thing or two about driving in snow. It's the slick roads that I don't know have a great deal of knowledge about. Once, I lost control of my parent's vehicle on black ice. My friends and I spun around too many times to count, and the Volare ended up wedged into a snowbank. A passerby good samaritan pulled the vehicle out. No damage, thank goodness. I drove home at 20 mph the entire way. It was 15 miles. I will always remember losing control on the ice. It wasn't fun.

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