A Franklin County resident got quite the scare as a sneezing attack sent them and their SUV into a water-filled canal.

The accident happened over the weekend on Saturday according to the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department posted the details of the accident on their Facebook page:

At 1240 hours today, deputies responded to a call for a vehicle submerged in a canal at Sagehill Road and Fern Road. Luckily, no one was injured and the occupants of the vehicle managed to get themselves out.
The driver told deputies he had been sneezing when the vehicle went off the road, struck two small apple trees, a pole, a water pipe, missed a light pole, and plunged into the canal.

It was a close call. Take a look at the photos below as they pull the vehicle out of the canal.

credit: franklin county sheriff's department
credit: franklin county sheriff's department

Luckily the driver was unharmed but what did get harmed were two apple trees, a pole, and a water pipe. Franklin County Sheriff's Department is reminding drivers that it only takes a moment to lose control of your vehicle.

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