If you've ever been to Palouse Falls, you know it's beautiful but it can also be dangerous. 

A Walla Walla man discovered that when he was struck in the head by a falling rock about the size of a football. According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Department, the incident happened late Tuesday afternoon.

The report says a 28-year-old man from Walla Walla and his wife went on a hike at Palouse Falls. When they neared the bottom of the falls, a rock dislodged from above striking the man on the head.

Here is what the Franklin County Sheriff's Department wrote about the incident:


The rock was described as being the size of a football. The man was unconscious after being struck. Other hikers assisted greatly and summonsed aid. Weather conditions prevented Life Flight from getting their helicopter down to his location.

The victim had to be hoisted out by pure muscle supplied by Columbia Basin Dive and Rescue, Pasco Fire, Franklin County Fire, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, and others. The man was then flown to a local area hospital for treatment. He was conscious and alert during his transport.

I've walked those hills before as well and it does help to be aware that when you get to the bottom of the falls, rocks can fall and be like a bullet shooting out of a gun. I'm hoping for a quick and speedy recovery.

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