Every Washingtonian is an independent personality with exciting hobbies, traits and, life journeys. However, that doesn't mean we don't share more than just our home state in common. Washingtonians have some funny ways of showing they're from Washington and they may not even notice they're doing it.

Since I'm new to the east side I'll be including all over Washington state. If there are things you do out here in Yakima that you know for a fact other people around the world wouldn't get unless they lived right here in the evergreen state, share it with me so I can add to the list.

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#5.) Saying "The Mountains Out."

This was a tall tale sign that you're from the PNW more exact, Washington State. Mt Rainer finds its way into the skyline in most places of Washington and a common sign of it being a nice day is when you hear someone say "Hey The Mountains Out."

#4.) You Don't Bother With An Umbrella

Rain is a natural thing for Washington state, we did build an entire city in a rain forest so it's to be expected. Even in Yakima, you can expect the rain to show up, but a sign that you're a true Washingtonian is you don't even bother with the umbrella because it's inconvenient to grab it for a little bit of rain...or a lot of rain...just grab a coat.

#3.) You Tell People You're From Seattle

Obviously, this isn't a thing when you're in Washington State and someone asks where you're from but if you're on vacation this is probably your go-to. I'll never forget a conversation my dad was having with a guy at our hotel in Disneyland, I was eight and this guy with a British accent asked where we were from. My dad replied "Seattle" to which I blurted out "No we live in Auburn." My dad looked at me and said "I know but it's easier to just say Seattle, I don't feel like explaining it." Then it all clicked.

#2.) There are Better Coffee Places Than Starbucks

Everyone knows Starbucks was started here in Washington and is called the best coffee in the world. But if you're from the evergreen state you know what good coffee is because we have a lot of it. Independent coffee stands, small shops or even pastry places have coffee that's a lot better than the cooperate style the world is used to.

#1.)  You roll your eyes when people say Nirvana started Grunge music

Nothing against Nirvana, they're one of the greatest rock bands of the '90s and have transcended decades on our radio and in our home. But Nirvana wasn't the start of grunge and there's a lot of bands that made it big out of Washington, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, all of these bands are who started the Grunge scene in Seattle and around the world.

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