Why Do We Say Pop Or Soda?

Growing up in Washington State, I've always called a soda pop "Pop". I've traveled and lived in other states and the first time I asked for a pop, the cashier had no idea what I was asking for.

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Why Different Parts Of The Country Call Soda Pop Different Names

I moved to California to work at a radio station in Bakersfield and I recall asking for a "pop" in the first few weeks I was there and getting confused looks. I soon discovered that I needed to say "soda" to order my favorite carbonated beverage.

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My wife and I also traveled to Atlanta Georgia for a flight and again I asked for a
"pop" and soon encountered that same confused look. The waitress was nice enough to say "don't you mean a Coke?"

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In The South, Even A Pepsi Is Called A Coke!

It got me curious about why we say pop, soda, and Coke in different areas of the country. I was born and raised in Washington State so all I've ever known is "POP".

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According to some quick Google searches, I soon discovered that parts of the country all have different ways of saying "soda pop"

Experts Say Calling Soda Pop Different Names Is A Regional Thing

Interestingly enough, one website has made a map of the battle between pop, soda, and Coke and you can view it here. I did discover that my little town of Clarkston Washington falls within the "pop" area of the country.

There's a lot of history in why we call soda pop what we call it in different regions of the country but I'd surmise that migration and regions have a lot to do with why we call things as we do.

It's a preference for some as people will shake it up depending on what state they are in.

I'm curious, what do you call soda pop...

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Old habits are hard to break but luckily, having to change what I call my soda pop isn't one of them because I now reside in the same state I was born in and it's saved me the headache from having to change but it's a fun discussion topic no doubt.

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