I'm a huge dog lover. I've got three of my own and I like dogs so much that when my childhood dog passed, I couldn't imagine getting another dog because I was so hurt by his passing as a kid. It took me twenty years and some coaxing by my wife to get another dog --- we now have three!

The good news is for us dog lovers is there is a website that lets you know if the dog is going to die in a movie. I'll still watch a movie even knowing the fate of our four-legged friend but at least I now have a website that I can go to and check before I see the movie.

I love dogs so much that I really can't watch movies where the dog dies. Will Smith's I Am Legend had me in tears and if Shadow wasn't going to make it on Homeward Bound, I would've personally flown to California to have words with Disney.

I enjoy a good movie as the next person but I'm always cautious as the next person if the dog is going to die. I've seen enough of Old Yeller and Marley And Me to brace myself for that moment when a pooch I've grown fond of through a movie is going to perish.

The site is doesthedogdie.com and it even works on all animals.

You can type in a title like "Cujo" - it'll give you all the things that happen to the dog or other animals in the film. I did several searches on some of my favorite movies and each movie was noted in its massive directory.

It looks like the site also does books, TV, and more so it's worth checking out if you are an animal lover and don't want to sit through seeing animals harmed. At least with this website, you'll be prepared before you go to the show.

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