It's sad news for the family of the man kidnapped at a pot store in Spokane.

Here's an update as reported by KHQ in Spokane

46-year-old Cameron Smith, the pot shop employee who was kidnapped and carjacked on Sunday, has been found dead, as confirmed by our sister station, KHQ.

No other details or information regarding Smith have been provided by authorities. This story will be updated as soon as more information is available.

Also, the man suspected of abducting Smith is in custody, but his suspected accomplice and niece is still on the run tonight.

Donavon Culps from White Swan was arrested last night after a police chase in Goldendale. He's expected to be extradited back to Spokane County as early as next week.

Police are still looking for 18-year-old Violetta Culps.

It's a sad end for an employee who tried to do his job and not sell marijuana to a customer who didn't show proper ID at the store. Smith was then shot at, kidnapped and killed.

You can get the complete updated story here -------------> article

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