How Many People Love Starbucks From State To State?

The craziest thing ever happened to my wife and me on a recent trip to Colorado. We went to Grand Junction for her best friend's wedding and once in town, we noticed something dreadfully wrong.


Who Outranks Washington State With More Starbucks Locations?

If you haven't been outside the Pacific Northwest, you might not notice but there isn't a coffee stand of some sort on every corner. My wife loves her morning coffee and we couldn't find a coffee stand in town to save our life.

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My buddy Billy (who had lived in Colorado) made a mention to me when I got back from the trip. He said, "Did you notice a lack of coffee stands?" - He knew that after you leave the Northwest, the craziness for coffee isn't as rampant.


So a new survey was released talking about coffee obsession and I was shocked to discover that even though Starbucks originated in Washington State, another state is more obsessed with Starbucks. No worries though, you know the state well, and it's not California.


It's our friendly neighbor Oregon that loves coffee just as much as Washington. A new survey from has calculated the number of Starbucks locations across each state and ranked them proportionally according to the number of residents per store.

Oregon was the winner!

Here are the results of the survey:

Oregon tops the table as the most Starbucks-obsessed state in the country. Residents looking to get their morning caffeine fix have the choice of 401 branches, which means there is one store per 10,450 people in the state, the highest rate in the country.

Following closely behind is Washington state, ranked second most Starbucks-obsessed state. The state has 711 Starbucks locations, meaning there is one store per 10,710 residents.

The state ranked as the third most obsessed with Starbucks is Nevada. Nevada has a total of 276 locations across the state (making up 1.74% of the US total), meaning there is one store per 10,994 residents.

As you can see Washington is slightly edged out by Oregon but all I know from this survey is that people love their coffee and I'm wise enough to find a cup of coffee for my wife no matter what state we travel through.

The research was conducted by which extracted the exact number of Starbucks stores in each state in the US. Each state was ranked proportionally in terms of its population, to give the number of residents per Starbucks store.

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