A scary incident unfolded at a Pasco Car dealership Sunday afternoon when a man shot at three people then fled and was later captured by the Pasco police department, luckily no one was injured in the incident

Here's the report from the pasco PD:

On 7/22/2018, shortly after noon, Pasco Officers responded to West Coast Auto Dealers in the area of 32 and Court for a report of a male shooting at three people.

By the time Officers arrived the suspect was gone and Officers were able to locate the three victims who were unharmed. The only damage was to one of the victims vehicles.

Though the shooting took place on dealership property it had nothing to do with the dealership.

Later on during the night, Swing shift officers with assistance from graveyard Officers, decided to solve the day shift shooting, and obtained information about the suspect, who was promptly located and arrested. In the suspects possession was also a loaded firearm.

The suspect, Jose Valdez(DOB 4/20/1994) of Pasco is currently on a 72 hour hold for three counts of Assault 1 at Franklin County Corrections.

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