There's a sweet special girl up for adoption from our friends at Pet Overpopulation Prevention this week.

Meet Finlee! (AKA as Tri-Pod)

Finlee is a gray,black and tan tabby cat.

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Finlee was rescued in Finley with her newborn litter of 5. They were found in a hole she’d dug under a tree branch to protect her babies. Her rescuers knew her as a community cat all the neighbors fed, and had recently noticed she’d developed a limp. An x-ray showed her “ankle” was “crushed” and her leg was amputated after the babies were weaned.

Finlee was an excellent mother to her Scottish brood, even though she must have been in immense pain. She’s been with her foster for almost a year and has shown great but slow progress in trusting humans. She’s graduated from scared to suspicious to skittish and can now be pet and briefly picked up, but the closest she’s come to initiating is ankle rubs at food time.

Finlee had no problem integrating into the resident feline crew and gets along well with everyone (she especially likes playing with foster kittens). She definitely needs a quieter household, no children, and would likely do fine as a solo pet, but would also enjoy a friend.

Dogs are unknown, but she’s very playful, so a very cat-friendly dog might be fine. Finlee needs a home that will meet her on her level and have patience while she continues to blossom in her socialization.

Finlee has been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. The adoption fee is $75 and includes a complimentary vet exam, coupons from PetSmart, and a gift bag from POPP.

If you're interested in giving Finlee a home, please complete the adoption questionnaire:

Finlee will be a wonderful welcome addition to your home, please open up your heart and adopt her.

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