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Cellphone Plane Crash?
When I was on the plane on my way back from Austin TX last week, the young man next to me was playing on his Iphone the whole flight from Dallas/Ft Worth to Seattle.
I was alarmed, but thought I must not understand, and it must be in 'Airplane mode" or something and that must be okay...
Fun With Photomoticon!
You may remember my son Brenden who graduated from Hanford High school.
He lives in Texas now, but he recently released a phone App. It's Called  Photomoticon and it's really fun!
I'm not very good at figuring this stuff out, but this App is pretty simple...
Women are Repulsed by Digitally Obsessed Men
Are you one of the "Digitally Obsessed"? A new survey by PC World reveals that 65% of people check their smartphone when dining out. Most popular actions include ‘posting pictures’, ‘checking in’ and ‘updating a status&CloseCurlyQuo…

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