A business owner in Walla Walla set a "lure" on Pokemon Go to attract monsters... and customers

If you are near PokeStops your business can attract people playing Pokemon Go. By setting "lures" you wait and the customers to come to you! PokeStops are places on the Pokemon Go map where players can come stock up on Poke Balls and eggs. With lures lots of Pokemon monsters that other players can catch will show up at the PokeStop for 30 mins.

Lures cost 100 Pokecoins for 1 or 680 Pokecoins for 8. You can purchase them with real money on the app. Take it from your marketing budget! To get Pokecoins you can fight at Gyms once you reach level 5, or you can buy Pokecoins for a small price.

So instead of ignoring the Pokemon hype, embrace it and use it to attract customers to your business!

Getty Images/ Robert Cianflone
Getty Images/ Robert Cianflone

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