In Case You Missed it My Interview With Tracci Dial From KNDU
So as you know October is Breast Cancer awareness month and this year I decided to go public and have a mammogram on television...I know crazy right?? It was for a good cause and I WOULD not have done it unless I had the best newscaster in the business and that is Tracci Dial....
Getting My Mammogram Today
Normally I'm a little nervous on mammo day, but for some reason this time I'm pretty relaxed.I know this is a very necessary part of taking care of myself and some how it just worked out that I'm having my test done during breast cancer awareness month.
The Latest On My Breast
I went in yesterday for my 6 month follow up mammogram...This all started last year when I went in for my yearly exam and mammogram and something came back looking not quite right so I was asked to come back in  a week later to have another mammogram & ultra sound...S