I went in yesterday for my 6 month follow up mammogram...This all started last year when I went in for my yearly exam and mammogram and something came back looking not quite right so I was asked to come back in  a week later to have another mammogram & ultra sound...Sounds scary  and quite frankly it was..turns out I have what they call dense breast tissue and everything turned out fine. it did get me thinking  that I need to remind all the ladies out there how important it is to get those yearly exams and do the monthly breast self exam.

Here's the scoop if you are 40 and over have a clinical breast exam and  a mammogram every year. In your 20's and 30's get a clinical exam every 3 years. and anyone with breast should be doing a monthly self exam, even Men.

I am so happy everything is okay with me, it's the Women who are suffering that make me care.