Food is so good. It's a comfort for a lot of us, myself included. My husband only eats when he is hungry but I eat for so many more reasons. When I am hungry, sad, bored, happy, in a crowd, near a cow or while watching t.v. The list could get very long but as my weight-loss journey continues I do know that my binge eating is linked to my feelings and that can be a very dangerous place.

Support is for sure a key to taking on your health but also your own perseverance. Not gonna lie, some days are MUCH better than others. I noticed this week a few different times I overate and my stomach hurt but did it stop me? Not really.

Did I gain from last week? Yes. Am I ok with it? Yes. Why? Because I am being honest with myself. I am slowly learning to love myself at any size. I am also working on not putting so much pressure on myself, when I fail I won't say screw it and go even harder down the rabbit hole.

My private support group Get It Right! Get It Tight! Is always waiting for you on facebook. You'll need to find me first Sarah J on the Radio but I really encourage you to join us because of the certified nutritionist and trainer Michelle, who this week was willing to open up about her own mental health struggles and how they affected her everyday life, even how she was interacting with our group.

We have over 300 members that are busy supporting each other and we can always use more! Don't be shy, there is no time like right now to make a difference in your own life!


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