I think I finally figured out why my stomach was hurting so much. After two weeks of paying attention to differences in my diet, I think I have narrowed it down to plant milk. I have never used it before, not lactose intolerant, but figured why not while making my morning smoothies. Well, I ran out and all of a sudden I wasn't acting like Harry from "Dumb & Dumber!"

Sorry, not sorry! This has been my life for a bit now! I was thinking at least I am losing weight but nope! Not the case! hahaha!

Last week my scale was looking like this business

Tales from the Scale
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

This was within a few minutes of each other. I think I probably should re-up on batteries however this is the silliness of picking apart ounces when it comes to weight.

If you choose a day and time to weigh yourself every week and keep it consistent you will at least get the basic idea of what your normal weight is. After writing Tales from the scale for a few months now it looks like my weight pretty much will stay at 179 unless I begin to start cutting calories or burning more calories than I consume on a daily basis.

This was my weight as of this morning.

Tales from the Scale

Knowing what you put in your body every day will give you a road map for how your body responds to certain things. My body hates plant milk, seriously, my stomach is starting to flip at the mere mention of it. Good to know!

I was hoping that breaking a Fitbit step recording this weekend while dancing and hosting the Dye Hard 5K (pictures are now up!) was going to drop a few pounds but honestly we treated ourselves to some delicious Mexican food last night and I bet the beans, chips and salsa alone recouped the calories I burned this weekend :)

Dye Hard 5K 2019


It's all a balancing act but once you start recognizing how your body uses the fuel you provide it you can begin to really enjoy eating and living and not making it about on depriving yourself and then overindulging. You got this and if you need a bit more support.

A free and private group called Get It Right! Get It Tight! Is waiting for you :)