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There are some great places to fossil hunt in Washington but know the laws of where and when you can go --- here is a link that'll help you navigate state and federal lands legally thanks Washington State Parks curator Alicia Woods - if you have any questions, follow this link to make sure you aren't breaking the law in your hunt.

Where Are Some Places To Hunt For Fossils In Washington State?

One of the coolest places to hunt for fossils is open this upcoming Labor Day weekend near Tri-Cities Washington.


If You Love Fossil Hunting, Here Are 5 Places In Washington State To Find Them

If you or your kids love history and fossils, there are a few places in Washington State which might be worth exploring and we've got several places across the state that might interest you.

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Here are five places in Washington State where you might discover some amazing fossils:

The 5 Best Places to Dig for Fossils in Washington State

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According to a recent news article from our news partner KNDU-TV, the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site will be offering public tours Labor Day weekend and the cost is only $10. Kids 10 and under get in free.

The site is located just south of Kennewick at 1701 South Clodfelter Road and you can read more about the tours here.

If you do go out hunting for fossils, remember these rules:

    • Research: Look up specific locations, formations, and the types of fossils commonly found there. This will give you an idea of what to expect and increase your chances of success.
    • Permission and Regulations: Always obtain any necessary permits or permissions before collecting fossils. Some areas might be protected or have restrictions on collecting.
    • Tools: Bring appropriate tools for fossil hunting, such as rock hammers, chisels, brushes, and safety equipment.
    • Safety: Be cautious when exploring fossil sites, especially in remote areas. Watch out for unstable terrain and wildlife.
    • Ethical Collection: Follow ethical guidelines for fossil collection. Only collect what is allowed, and consider contributing any scientifically valuable finds to relevant institutions.
    • Preparation: Once you've collected fossils, they might need cleaning, preparation, or identification. Joining a local fossil club or connecting with experts can help you with this process.

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