Last night the moon looked like a ball of fire. I have stopped trying to take pictures but I will give a shout-out and show off to my friend Debra who sent me her attempt

Debra Yergen
Tonight the Hunter Moon will rise

Hey, I know we all try to take them but sometimes it's nice to sit back and enjoy nature instead of filling our phones with digital images that just don't do the moon justice and we end up not sharing with anyone anyway.

This past year or so I have been enjoying setting intentions under every full moon and no matter what your knee jerk reaction to that is, hear me out, please.

Yes, I was embarrassed too but why? There is nothing wrong with taking a little time to yourself, to think about what's most important in your life, a full moon is a great natural reminder it's time to regroup, the perfect time to wrap-up unfinished business. I don't know how you operate but I am all over the place, I love having multiple projects going all at once, and the older I get the more I realize how unhealthy that really is. Having so many projects might make me feel like I am really crushing it but none of them are getting my full attention so, setting new intentions each month, has been incredibly helpful.

If this is your first time setting intentions, know there is really no set way to go about it. I like to have some sage burning and a candle while I am outside under the moonlight. I like to write out my intentions for the month on pieces of paper that I will then burn. This is a great time to connect with yourself. Once your sage is lit and your candle is burning close your eyes and take some deep cleansing breaths, in your nose and breath out your mouth. A bit of meditation if you will, connecting yourself to the moment and what you are doing.

Your most important messages should start flowing out of you and if you still are drawing a blank on where to start, just write I will be kind to myself and go from there. You could use fun colorful paper, scrap paper, or whatever you have available and I like to write each intention 11 times on the piece of paper, focusing on the words and letting them soak in, by the time I hit the 11th one I am ready to write my next, letting the words tumble out until I don't have any left.  Whatever number feels good to you, go for it.

I love the smell of Palo Santo, perfect for clearing the energy and starting fresh. I cleanse the studio before each show and as you can see, it's about time to get some more.

Full Moons

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