I don't blame anyone for having their tree still up. The glow right now just feels right! I've decided to leave the studio one, a fake tree, up for the foreseeable future but if you have a real tree, please read on.

The number one cause of house fires in the month of January is ... your Christmas Tree! Dang, it! What was once the most wonderful time of year could potentially turn into the most horrible time of year with your tree catching the house on fire!

Fire in an abandoned house

The National Fire Protection Association says 33% of fires are started from your Christmas Tree that has begun to dry out and has basically turned into the best and most effective kindling ever!

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If you haven't watered it in a bit, go right now and douse that thing real good. If you've been putting off taking it down because you're not sure what to do with it. You can always hand it over to Camp Prime Time, they are currently taking bare trees (you've taken off the ornaments, lights, and tinsel) and would love a donation for their non-profit. A great cause and now you only have a 67% chance of something else starting your house fire, fun! They will be accepting trees through January 10th.

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The longer you keep your real tree up the greater the chance it could potentially turn into a torch.

Things to always remember when having a real tree in the house. Keep the water coming, it doesn't need to be warm so keep it away from heaters, candles and even your tv, don't use lights that are super old, don't leave your lights on overnight or when you are not at home, and make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby!

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