If you search YouTube for "time-lapse pregnancy videos" there are a ton, but a new one that was posted less than a week ago has over a million views, mainly because a few different websites picked it up.

It's nine months worth of photos of a woman taken from the side, linked together so you can see her stomach growing. Then at the end, the dad kisses her stomach, and they suddenly have a baby.

I think part of the popularity of this is the wishful thinking that it only take this long to have a baby. I don't know a single woman who enjoys going the full nine months. Many I know start developing split personalities at seven months because half of them wants to just get the baby out, but the other half knows that longer is healthier.

Another possible reason for the popularity is being able to watch the process. Women just feel themselves getting fatter and fatter (which is strange to me because pregnancy is not "fat" and only pregnant women think this way yet they feel bad because they think others are thinking it).

It's good that we're celebrating the process and magazine covers like the recent one from Jessica Simpson only help with creating a positive attitude toward life's greatest miracle.

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