The wind has a tendency to complicate pre-existing problems. Remember in September when the wildfires turned the sky red in Oregon? How about when the wind brought that smoke our way and made our air hazardous for like a week? It wasn't just here, it was most of the Pacific Northwest. A windstorm can turn snowfall into a blizzard. On a mild day, wind can bring your neighbor's dead leaves into your yard. That's barely an inconvenience compared to what a Tri-Cities windstorm can do.

Wind can put trees through fences, light poles in roads, take out the internet, and toss trampolines in streets. Wind can put so much dust in the air, seven cars pile up on the highway near Richland. Who can forget the tumbleweed tornado that looked like it came from a disaster movie?

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We joke about the wind a lot around here, but it can actually cause folks a lot of trouble and frustration.

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I started thinking today about what objects may be laying around your property that could easily be whisked away and relocated by a windstorm. Some of these are obvious, some not as much. Some of these can be put away and remedied. Others, you may have to just hope for the best. (You can't just pack up your fence and store it in your garage.)

Secure what you can and insure what you can't secure!

Things That Can Blow Away in a Tri-Cities, Washington Windstorm

Well-known for its wine and rivers, Tri-Cities is also notorious for its wind. The curvature of the basin and proximity to the river makes the howling, swirling winds feel just as at home here as we do. Don't be surprised to see some of these objects get some "mad air" as a good ol' fashioned windstorm stirs it up! Whether it's a trampoline in Pasco or a screen door in Kennewick, make sure you've got everything secured.

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